Why do a movement practice like Yoga or Pilates?

To me the answer is simple... to feel better!

I know some of us like the fancy stuff, like kicking up into a handstand or attempting the splits, and that's great too, but mostly we all just want to feel better, stronger, less stiff, we want to have the ability to do daily tasks with ease, to be able to enjoy the things we love to do like walking, cycling. dancing or golfing, or whatever your interests might be.

And that's what I want for you too.

And so my teaching is a formula, based on the latest research and developments in exercise science, combining all the best of Yoga, Pilates and functional movement so that you get the most from your movement practice.

New research and developments in the areas of biomechanics and exercise science are changing how medical professionals treat pain and these developments are also changing how movement is viewed and taught in the fitness and exercise world.

Armed with new and scientific based evidence our practices of Yoga, Pilates and other movement modalities can progress to make them the very best movement experiences with the most beneficial outcomes so that we can feel better every day - it is this formula that makes Butterfly Yoga & Pilates truly transformative.

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Patricia 💕

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