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On Demand Video Library

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The On Demand Video Library contains over 100 Yoga & Pilates Classes. The are lots of full length classes to choose from plus some shorter classes for when you're short on time.

You'll also find stand alone meditations for when you want a little chill only time.

The most recent addition to the library are support classes - these are classes that will enhance and support your Yoga & Pilates practice (and your daily movements) with some strength, conditioning and mobility work.


How to find your perfect class

With over 100 Classes to choose from (and it's growing all the time) it's important that you can find the type of class you want to do on any given day without having to scroll through them all.

Let's look at the ways you can search for your perfect class:

  • Date: The class titles include their recording date, using the date option you could work through the classes by date and even follow along to a term or a theme.
  • Filter: In the top left hand corner, of the On Demand Library page, you'll see a Filter, when you open the filter you'll see drop down options to choose from, these options include duration, body part etc... Simple click the options that suit you and your perfect class will appear below.
  • Search: In the top right hand corner, of the On Demand Library page, you'll see a Search Button, simply enter a key word, e.g. osteoporosis or breath. to find the kind of class that you would like to do.

Below you'll find some expanded descriptions of the search terms:

MELLOW = emphasis on easing tension

ACTIVE = emphasis on building strength and endurance

ATHLETIC = athletic warm up

ANAT. FOCUSED = emphasis on the anatomy of a movement or an anatomical part

SUPPORT = strength, conditioning & mobility support

MEDITATION = guided meditation

The library is updated regularly and the classes on offer are shaped by your needs and requests so if you have a special request please get in touch and I'd be happy to create something for you.

A monthly subscription costs just €15 for access to ALL pre-recorded classes and the first 5 days are FREE!

FREE for 5 days (if you cancel before the end of the trail period you will not be charged)

Plus you can pause your membership at anytime!

During the pause period you will not be charged and you will not have access to the library.

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