Don't you hate it when you miss a class.

I know I do!

No matter how committed we are to making our weekly class sometimes life gets in the way.

I know how frustrating it can be to pay for a term of classes only to find that you can’t make every class!

It's particularly difficult at the moment when we're doing our best to stop the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe and I want to help you to do just that.

I am offering you the opportunity to make up for missed classes in two ways so you'll

Never Miss Your Class again.

Here's how it works

To help everyone in our Yoga & Pilates Community to make up missed classes I need a little help from you!

If you cannot attend class PLEASE TEXT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO CANCEL – a minimum of 6 hours notice is required in order to avail of making up a class.

Once I receive your text I will send you a PERSONALISED 100% DISCOUNT CODE. Your code can be used to purchase a FREE Drop In Class or a FREE Class from the Video Library - whichever suits you best.

Availability of Drop In Classes is dependent on space and on cancellations in the class that you would like to attend and so Drop In availability cannot be guaranteed. However, Library classes are always available.

Please be assured that I will do my utmost to accommodate everyone!


DISCOUNT CODES FOR MAKE UP CLASSES ARE ONLY VALID WHEN YOU ARE REGISTERED IN A CURRENT TERM OF CLASSES AND CANNOT BE USED TO ROLL OVER CLASSES TO THE NEXT TERM. Your Discount Code will expire when your current term of classes ends or 7 weeks after your missed class date, whichever comes first.

N.B. Wednesday's 9.30 Yoga and Tuesdays 11.30 Yoga/Pilates Fusion are closed groups run by independent organisations. Drop In Classes to or from these classes is not available. However, the On Demand Library is available participants of all classes. Members of these classes please contact me if you would like to avail of a class from the Video Library when you can't make your class, I'm happy to send you a pre recorded class Free of charge.

Option 1

Book a FREE Drop In Class

To book a Free Drop In Class, simply go to the Schedule on the website or below and choose an available Drop In Class. Use your PERSONALISED 100% DISCOUNT CODE to purchase the class (sent to you via email on cancellation of your class).

Availability is changing all the time so do check back if you can't find what you're looking for get in touch I'll be happy to keep you posted on availability.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Option 2

Take a FREE Class from the Video Library

Can't make it to a Drop In Class no worries!

Simply choose a FREE class from the On Demand Library*.

Select the class you'd like to take, select credit/debit card (no card details are required) from the drop down menu. Use your PERSONALISED 100% DISCOUNT CODE (sent to you via email on cancellation of your class) to purchase the class.

*Currently only classes with a €5.00 price tag (e.g. below) are available as a make up class option, I'm in the process of adding all of the classes from the library.

You'll have access to the class for 7 days so that you can take the class at a time that suits you and as often as you like over the 7 day period!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, your continued support and your enthusiasm for Yoga & Pilates.