On Demand Video Library

On Demand Video Library

The On Demand Video Library contains over 100 Yoga & Pilates Classes. The majority of the classes (over 75) are full length Classes of approximately 1 hour in duration. Additional there are some shorter classes (ranging between 15 - 45 mins) and some meditations that can be done without a physical practice.


You can choose between Yoga Classes and Pilates Classes and the classes are organised in a way that you can work through a term of classes with a particular focus simply by following the class in date order or you can search using a key word to find the kind of class that you would like to do.

Choose to search for your class based on a body part you'd like to focus on or a pose or movement that you'd like to have fun with.

You can also search for the type of class you'd like by style; choose a class that's Mellow, Active, Athletic, Anatomy Focused or a Meditation.

MELLOW = emphasis on easing tension

ACTIVE = emphasis on building strength and endurance

ATHLETIC = athletic warm up

ANATOMY FOCUSED = emphasis on the anatomy of a movement or an anatomical part

SHORT CLASS = Classes of approximately 15/45 mins in duration, for when you're a bit tight on time

MEDITATION = guided meditation

The library is updated regularly and the classes on offer are shaped by your needs and requests so if you have a special request please get in touch and I'd be happy to create something for you.

A monthly subscription costs just €15 for access to ALL prerecorded classes. Click here to Access Now.