If you're thinking of registering for a Term of Classes I'm sure you have some questions about how it will work so read on to find out more...

Covid has changed a few things about how Indoor Group Classes will operate and of course your safety is my priority. Please help me to keep us all safe by following the guidelines below. Thank you!

Firstly, you'll need to send me your Covid Vaccination Certificate or bring it with you to class.

All participants must be fully vaccinated in order to comply with insurance guidelines.

You'll also need to sign a Self Declaration Health Screening prior to every class.

If you cannot answer no to all questions on the Health Screening then you should not attend class.

Missed Classes

If you cannot attend class, for any reason, I would like to offer you access to a pre-recorded class from the On Demand Library, you can choose one from the library or I can choose one for you, it’s up to you. And you’ll have access to the class for 7 days so you can do it whenever suits you! You'll never miss a class again.


We’re operating on a mask to mat basis, which simply means that you will need to wear a mask on entry to the centre and until you are on your mat. Once on your mat you can choose to take your mask off or leave it on. If you leave your mat for any reason you will need to put your mask back on.


Unfortunately, I can no longer provide shared equipment so please bring your own mat. If there is any other piece of equipment that you would like to use during your class then please bring it along but the only necessary item is your mat. You should also bring a drink of water and be sure to wear comfy clothes that allow you to move easily.

Occasionally we might use some other pieces of equipment but there is no need to purchases equipment as there is always a household alternative. Check out my handy tips on for using household items as substitutes for equipment here.

Final Covid Guideline Reminders

Please refrain from close contact and maybe greet each other with the beautiful gesture of Namaste 🙏 until we can hug again.

Please arrive on time to your class and try not to congregate in or around the venue before or after class.

If you already know me you’ll know I love to chat, and I love getting questions and feedback about the class so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me anytime!

Now we have all of that out of the way… relax, smile and breathe and get ready for a fun, challenging and rewarding class.

I look forward to seeing you soon at a class soon!

Very best wishes, Patricia

086 856 5741