My YouTube Channel

I hope you enjoy these FREE classes.

The classes on my YouTube Channel were recorded at the beginning of the pandemic, at a time that I never expected to be recording classes or to have a YouTube channel. I was a little unprepared... no studio lights or microphone, just a desire to continue to connect with all the wonderful people who had been coming to my classes every week prior to the pandemic.

These classes and all that came after it, during our time on zoom, were my saviour during this difficult time and I will be forever grateful to everyone who encouraged me to give it a go! Thank you!

The sound and picture quality of these early classes on YouTube are not as good the classes available in the library. An investment of equipment helped me to make the online experience, for Zoom and for pre recorded classes, the very best it could be.

Here's a sample for you to enjoy!

This is a Free Full Length Yoga Class it's Slow & Stretchy Yoga Perfect for everyday! The style of this class is Mellow


This is 10 Minute Pilates Abs to celebrate World Pilates Day 2021 The style of this class is Active


This is a series of Meditations & Relaxations that I hope you will enjoy!


Thank you for your interest in Butterfly Yoga & Pilates. I hope to see you at a class soon! Patricia 💕